Verizon Education Foundation – STEM Learning Lab

Personalized learningCarlin Springs is proud to announce their partnership with the Verizion Education Foundation for a new Elementary School Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative.  The Carlin Springs STEM Learning Lab will provide students, teachers and specialists with an innovative learning space that will focus on the K-5 Science Curriculum.

Our new lab will feature:

  • 5 Digitally Enhanced Learning Centers
  • Interactive and Personalized Learning Environment for Students
  • An Collaborative Educational Learning Space
  • Hands on and Experience Based Lessons

For more information about our partnership with the Verizon Foundation, please contact Eric Underhill or Carol Sabatino.

Please see the ITC for the current sign up schedule.

Lab-Schedule-1 as of 2/15/2017

Now reserving times for February 2017

Image from Edmentum.Com