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Arlington Public Schools keeps in touch with parents and the community through our email, voicemail and text messaging system, APS School Talk. This service is provided through the SchoolMessenger platform. Please be sure to update your contact information for the school, so we can reach you at home or at work via email, cell phone […]

School Slow Zone

Arlington County is implementing phase 2 of a school Slow Zone around Carlin Springs and Kenmore. How can you get involved? Here are a few ways that you can get involved:
1. Follow the speed limit: Whether you’re dropping students off or just driving through the neighborhood, remember that driving at 20MPH significantly lowers your crash risk.
2. Spread the word so that more community members are aware of new, lower speed limits around schools!
3. Stay tuned: For updates, visit the Vision Zero website.

Carlin Springs Family Market

Free Groceries for Your Whole Family! Alimentos gratis para toda su familia!