Month: August 2023

Family Information Line

August 31, 2023

Contact the Family Information Line at 703-228-8000 for assistance with transportation, registration, technology, extended day, food services and more.

Family Handbook / Manual Familiar

August 30, 2023

Carlin Springs is using ParentSquare for all family & school communications!

August 29, 2023

Carlin Springs will continue to use ParentSquare to communicate with families during the 24-25 School Year. Please log into the ParentSquare website or download the app using the email address or cell phone number you provided to your school. Please call us if you need any assistance.

Reminder: Complete the Required Online Back-to-School Packet

August 29, 2023

During the first week of school, families are required to complete the Online Back-to-School packet. Please call the school if you need any assistance.

Mental Health Matters

August 29, 2023

To ensure a successful school year, prioritize mental health, take care of one another and ACT when you see someone struggling. This means: Acknowledge when someone is struggling, show them you Care, and Tell a professional so they get the help they need.