Physical Education

Welcome to Carlin Springs Elementary School Physical Education!


Mr. Koppelman – david.koppelman@apsva.us

Mrs. Lovett – lindsay.lovett@apsva.us

Mr. Doherty – joseph.doherty@apsva.us

Toe Token Program

Hello all!  During your time out of school it is important to stay active and eat nutritious foods.  To that end, we want to start a program at Carlin Springs.  It’s called the Toe Token program.  It promotes staying active and raises awareness of the right foods to eat.   Use your Toe Token Log to both keep track of the activities you’re engaged in and the nutritional foods you are eating.  All completed Toe Token logs that are turned in to the PE teachers will result in a Toe Token for you.  Once you complete a Toe Token log and submit it, you may start on another log.  Please be sure your name is on your Toe Token log.  Have fun being healthy!

2021 Toe Token Program