Integration & Coaching

Instructional coach

Eric W. Underhill, MAT – Instructional Technology Coordinator

What is technology integration?

Technology integration occurs when students use technology to enhance, support and inform their learning within the educational environment.  The Carlin Springs model of technology integration incorporates 4 main components.

  • Active Engagement
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Interaction and Feedback
  • Access to real-world experts and knowledge

How does instructional technology support the students at Carlin Springs?

The instructional technology mission of Carlin Springs is to create, provide and support a personalized learning environment where students will develop their knowledge, skills and abilities to be active participants of their community and life long learners.

Our instructional focus supports the APS goal of educating the whole child by providing:

  • differentiated instruction that supports learning
  • relevant and engaging learning experiences that inspire students
  • authentic learning opportunities that promote discovery
  • access to content rich resources to broaden horizons

Instructional Coaching

The goal of the instructional technology coach is to ensure that every student receives excellent instruction in all educational settings every day.

The focus of the technology coach is to support student learning by:

  • engaging students in digitally based learning opportunities
  • creating innovative learning spaces that promote student thought and creativity
  • design and support digitally enhanced learning centers
  • facilitate opportunities for students to engage in real world exploration of content
  • supporting ongoing professional development of faculty and staff in educational technology integration
  • lead the Educational Technology Committee in researching current digital learning initiatives
  • coordinate and maintain the partnership with the Verizon Education Foundation for STEM based learning.

The coaching model incorporates evidence-based teaching practices and evidence-based integration strategies that demonstrate a positive impact on student learning and achievement.   Our coaching model incorporates principles from: SAMR, T-Pack, Adaptive Schools, Conscious Discipline and Cognitive Coaching.


Image from CJUSD

APS Digital Citizenship Initiative

Students at Carlin Springs will participate in age appropriate digital citizenship lessons adapted from Common Sense Media and the APS Department of Instruction & Information Services.  Student modules are broken down by grade level and provide a structured learning experience for students as they learn about digital literacy, safety and online citizenship.  The modules provide students with real world examples about these focus areas and how they can be responsible participants in our world’s digital community.

STEM Integration Learning Labprovided through a partnership with the Verizon Education Foundation

Carlin Springs is proud to announce their partnership with the Verizion Education Foundation for a new Elementary School Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative.  The Carlin Springs STEM Learning Lab will provide students, teachers and instructional specialists with an innovative learning space that will focus on the K-5 Science Curriculum. Our new lab will feature:

  • 5 Digitally Enhanced Learning Centers
  • Interactive and Personalized Learning Environment for Students
  • An Collaborative Educational Learning Space
  • Hands on and Experience Based Lessons
  • Digital Access to Field Experts