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Marijoy CorderoMarijoy Cordero

Advanced Academics Coach

(703) 228- 6645 ext.199215

Twitter: @marijoy_cordero

Hello, my name is Marijoy Cordero.  I am the Advanced Academics Coach at Carlin Springs Elementary School.  Our school’s goal is to create an environment where all children feel safe, have talents nurtured and developed, have the ability to reach their learning goals, experience success in their lives, and ultimately be happy.  I support this goal by working closely with students, teachers, administrators and families.  I provide access, affirmation, and advocacy for our students through lessons and learning activities and tasks. Through instructional coaching, I work closely with teachers to develop opportunities for differentiation and enrichment in various content areas by incorporating critical and creative thinking strategies (CCT), Thinking Routines, and advanced curriculums into daily instruction. I advocate for the interests of students with the support of administrators.  I am a  resource for families who have questions about our program, their children, and critical and creative thinking strategies.

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Published December 31, 69 5:00PM