Too Smart To Start

Too Smart Too Start

Dear Parents and Guardians of Fifth Graders:

In January 2016, we will be presenting the “Too Smart to Start” program to the fifth graders at Carlin Springs.  This is an exciting program designed to educate the students on the dangers of drinking alcohol at a young age.  The instruction will be provided in two forty five minute lessons for the students and will conclude with a family event that will include parents and guardians.  At this point in your child’s life, it is important that they develop the necessary skills to prepare them for the new and exciting middle school environment! This program is required for all fifth graders in Arlington Public Schools.  Together in a partnership Gretchen Brenckle, the school counselor, the school nurse, and a police resource officer from Arlington County will present a set curriculum and conduct a pre and post evaluation. Arlington also requires we offer families an opportunity to see first hand what their children have been taught in this alcohol prevention program. We plan to make it clear that most middle school children do not drink alcohol, and to give them important facts about the health effects of alcohol.



Gretchen Brenckle, School Counselor