Vocal Music Information

As an interrelated and vital part of the total school experience, music education supports and intensifies learning. Through music, students also develop an understanding and appreciation of the multicultural society in which they live.  Because of the ordered nature of the elements of music, students learn to think with increasing complexity. And, because of the creative potential in music, they learn to think in divergent ways. The study of music in the context of historic and cultural perspectives provides a foundation for understanding the present as well as the future. Performing music enhances self-esteem, builds self-discipline, and reinforces societal values such as cooperation, commitment, and working towards a common goal. These tools make it possible to connect the intellect and emotion and bring meaning and beauty into our lives.

Band Director Information

It is my philosophy that music has the potential to stay with someone throughout their lifetime.   Playing and performing music is personal, and I strive to make my classroom a supportive and engaging place where students can learn to express themselves.  Through instrumental learning I will provide students with the tools that will guide them to using knowledge they have already and blossom it into something new and exciting.